About NES

About National Educational Services (NES)

Our Mission


Our mission is to establish trust and a long lasting relationship with our clients. This commitment has served us well throughout the years. We take pride in knowing that our clients keep returning to us for advice. National Educational Services (NES) is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Providing tax, retirement, and insurance plans to over 4,000 employer groups nationwide, NES has established itself as an industry leader. Representing over 150 of the largest insurance companies in the country, NES is not only committed to providing quality products, but also the best client services to the educational and municipalities community.


National Educational Services (NES) is committed to educating your employees on the unique tax shelter opportunities available to them as school district employees.  Our local representatives will work closely with you to customize our approach towards providing this education.  Our objective is to help you achieve the awareness and participation goals you have set for your employees.

We believe that face-to-face communication is the most effective means of reaching out to your employees.  We offer either one-on-one meetings or group workshops, which cover the following topics:

  • New Employee Education on the Benefits of 403(b)/457 Plans
  • Tax Planning
  • State Teachers’ Retirement System Benefit Options
  • Investment Choice Analysis

We also offer educational emails which you can customize and distribute directly to your employees, as well as payroll stuffers and posters.

Client Service

You and your employees will be serviced by a dedicated team which includes local representatives, as well as a national Client Service team of investment and retirement advisors.  Our goal is to make retirement planning simple and understandable so that you and your employees meet your retirement needs and objectives.

After completing the enrollment process with one of our local representatives, your employee’s information will be forwarded to our Client Service specialists.

Getting Started

  • Welcome: One of our dedicated Client Service specialists will personally call and email each client to welcome them and answer any questions.
  • First Salary Reduction:  Shortly after the expected first salary reduction date, we will again call and email each client to verify that everything was handled correctly, and to answer any questions.

Ongoing Education and Communication

  • Monthly Newsletter:   We send our clients an informative monthly newsletter via email, including updates on any relevant regulatory or tax law changes which may impact their retirement account.
  • Annual Mailing:  We mail a client update questionnaire annually to each client, giving them the opportunity to update their information and review their account information.
  • Annual Review: Our local representatives are available for one-on-one annual meetings, or more frequently if requested, with each client to review performance and retirement goals.
  • Website:  We are constantly updating our website to include current topics of interest.

Accessible Client Service Department

  • Toll-free number: Staffed by our Client Service specialists.
  • E-mail: All messages are responded to within 24 hours; typically much sooner.

30 Years of Service

Customer Service

We pledge to put our customers first, understanding that they deserve nothing less.

We are dedicated to excellence and committed to providing value added service in a proactive, flexible and efficient manner.

We commit to treating everyone in an open, fair, and equitable manner.

Your satisfaction is a direct reflection of our effectiveness as an organization.