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Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Cancer Insurance

There are 1.2 million Americans diagnosed with cancer every year.  Most health insurance policies do not cover this “specified disease” or “dreaded disease”. The cost of cancer diagnostics, operation or removal and cancer treatment are overwhelming to the victim and to their families as well. I should know, several of my family members have died from cancer over the last 13 years. Getting cancer insurance can help ease these financial burdens and give peace of mind to you and your family.

What many people don’t realize is most regular health insurance policies do not cover cancer treatment.  Although some policies include a few cancer diagnostic tests or minimal treatment, they not cover the whole gamut of cancer treatment.  Most treatments are very expensive.

Cancer insurance is a supplement to health insurance assuring that treatment and incidental expenses are covered should such illness arise.  The coverage for this type of insurance may include:

  • Treatments while being an in-patient as well as being an out-patient. This includes radiation, chemotherapy, medications, etc.
  • Transportation and living expense if cancer treatment is made out of town. Payment of traveling expenses for specialists may also be part of the coverage.
  • Ambulance or air ambulance service when needed by the victim.
  • Full-time nursing care and facility when treatment is made away from the victim’s residence.
  • Reconstruction and prosthesis may be part of the insurance plan.
  • Special diagnostic tests needed to determine type of cancer may be covered by the plan.

As outlined above, cancer insurance deals with services and treatment that are specific to cancer. The price of such insurance may surprise you; it is very reasonable. The price depends on what is included in the plan. Choosing a cancer insurance plan should be made carefully and should not be redundant with what is contained in your regular health insurance.

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