11 Ways to Spend Teacher Retirement

11 Ways to Spend Teacher Retirement

Are you a teacher that is in or nearing retirement?

Time flies when you’re having fun. Or, as Kermit says, time’s fun when you’re having flies.

If you are near retirement, you might be daydreaming about all the things you could do away from your school district’s shackles. If you’re not in or nearing retirement, you probably still daydream about all the ways you could spend your time in retirement down the road.

With the money you worked so hard to save over the years, you should do the things you could do now but can’t seem to find the time. 

To fuel more retirement daydreams, we are presenting 11 ways to spend your retirement:


Pick up one of those magazines in the old stack, or try to read a chapter book. 


If you could walk for miles and miles – do it! If you’re looking for a different kind of exercise, consider bicycling. Locate a safe bike path and pedal to the metal.

Eat Well

With more time to prepare meals and fewer requirements away from the kitchen, consider preparing healthy foods while in retirement.


Without a demanding work schedule, it’s easier to settle into a natural, healthy sleep cycle. In retirement, you’ll have the time to rest that you always dreamed.


Family members won’t be around forever, so be sure to make time to visit others when in retirement. If you’ve got friends and family around the country, see them and keep in touch. 


Journal, write thoughts, lists, dreams, or whatever you are thinking! 


In our opinion, too much stuff is not good. Minimizing clutter is a good starting point! Organizing what’s left is a proper follow-up.

Go Backpacking

It takes a lot of equipment if you want to camp sometimes, but really all you need is a backpack to go backpacking! Consider going for a long hike while you still have stamina and health to get lost in the wilderness. 


Donate old clothes, and minimize the clutter around you. Consider donating money in retirement to help others in need.


Educate yourself about whatever topic you find interesting. The options are endless. Maybe you’ve wanted to learn more about History but never had time…


Weeds might have taken over certain parts of your landscape. Landscaping and gardening take a lot of sweat and manpower, but the best kind of exercise is productive with rewarding results. Build garden beds, plant vegetables seeds, and with enough water, you should be able to cultivate a flourishing garden!

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These ideas are great for anyone looking for new hobbies to pick up or if you are getting prepared for retirement.

How do you want to spend your retirement time? Do you plan to do any of the above activities in your retirement? Drop it below in the comments!

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