How Educators Can Beat End-of-the-School-Year Fatigue

How Educators Can Beat End-of-the-School-Year Fatigue

Before the summer break starts, teachers have to tackle a great deal of work. Yet, at the same time, every parent wants to bring up their child’s grade, the custodian wants you to clean out your classroom, the principal needs information from the entire school year, and the students bounce off the walls in excitement. 

Welcome, teachers, to the end of the school year!

Regardless of where you teach, what grade, or subject, teachers will undoubtedly experience year-end stress. But how can teachers stay sane?

First, know that you are not alone.

Everyone in your school district, from students to superintendents, must meet the same deadlines. Year-end stress and silliness are common in schools, but how you handle it is what matters. Many people will be grumpier and less patient, waiting for summer break to start. Understanding this can help teachers sympathize with everyone and could help teachers defuse situations caused by short tempers and stress.

Second, realize students feed off the adults.

Stressed teachers lead to stressed-out students. Add in the excitement from the impending summer break and sunshine outside – the students are bouncing off the walls! The students are also meeting deadlines as the end of the school year approaches, like final exams, and some might be worried about life issues, like where they will eat during summer break. Empathy is essential during this time of the year.

Third, consider changing the setting.

We all know that nature and exercise is a great way to de-stress, so add movement into your end-of-the-year lessons! If your class can go outside on a nice day, go for it! Sitting outside reading books can dramatically lower stress levels and calm down students. 

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