Host Thanksgiving on a Budget

Host Thanksgiving on a Budget

If you are not careful, your Thanksgiving meal can end up costing a fortune! 

Thanksgiving meal costs are up around 4% from years prior when retailers were cutting prices in order to influence shoppers. This year, consumers should be prepared for inflated costs associated with Thanksgiving dinner. 

The food costs alone are rising, but the price of travel and traditions can also cause many Americans to be short on cash this holiday season. Starting early and planning financially can keep you on track this holiday season. 

Create a List 

Making a very detailed list that includes specific pricing allows you to plan and stay on track when it comes time to grocery shop. Lists can allow you to budget what you spend and give you the opportunity to take advantage of sales. 

Reassess the Turkey Thighs & Legs 

If you are having a small gathering for Thanksgiving dinner, you most likely do not need a full bird, especially if your guests prefer to have turkey breast. Additionally, turkey breasts take up less room in the refrigerator and less time to cook overall!

Split the Expenses 

Thanksgiving dinner is an event that many people love to host at their own home, but it does not have to be a formal affair. Put-luck Thanksgiving dinners are a great idea for those looking to accommodate all guests in a more informal setting. This provides everyone with the opportunity to offset some of the costs and workload that are associated with Thanksgiving dinner and also allows everyone the chance to catch up in a more informal environment. 

Try Not to Try New Things 

When it comes to making Thanksgiving dinner, it is really not the time to experiment and try new dishes. Understanding your audience and knowing what they like to eat is the best option for Thanksgiving dinner. Save your new recipes for a more adventurous crowd!

Work on Getting More Value Per Mile

If you are going to be traveling via plane for the holidays, you should consider that flights tend to be much less expensive on Thanksgiving Day as opposed to the day before Thanksgiving. If you are going to be traveling via car, then you should fill up your gas tank earlier rather than later. Additionally, if you are going to be crossing the border between states, you should check gas prices in the neighboring states to see if they are lower or higher. 

Furthermore, there are numerous apps that will help travelers find lower gas prices while traveling and there are also reward programs that will give you cents off at the pump.  

Spend Responsibly This Holiday Season with National Educational Services

Thanksgiving is the start of the wonderful holiday season, but it should not break the bank. At National Educational Services, we not only want to help you save and plan for retirement but for major events. Reach out to an advisor today to learn more about you can start finically planning for the future.

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