What is Professional Liability Insurance for teachers?

What is Professional Liability Insurance for teachers?

Professional Liability Insurance for teachers protects you against various issues that may arise in the classroom that may not be covered by your district’s insurance policy. As an educator, you should not assume that you will be covered by your district or others, as you are most likely not protected.

National Educational Services advisors are here to help you navigate the risks you face as an educator and make it easy for you to find a Professional Liability Insurance plan that fits your needs. In this article, you will read about some of the issues you may face as an educator, and how professional liability insurance could help protect you from unexpected claims.

Protects Teachers Against Impact of Technology 

With the growing use of technology, such as phones and social media, teachers are more at risk than ever before. With easy access to phones and tablets, almost anyone can access editing software and falsely edit videos. This calls for added concern that educators’ actions could be misconstrued and falsified, causing teachers to be reprimanded for actions that did not occur. 

Any sort of lawsuit along these lines would be detrimental to an educator’s career and could be very challenging to fight. Additionally, cases and debates involving student and teacher interactions have been spread across social media platforms. Many school districts now have certain rules prohibiting teachers and students from interacting on social media platforms or have administrators monitor the social media accounts of their students. 

This new world of social media engagement adds more complications and risks for educators. Protect yourself against frivolous claims with professional liability insurance from National Educational Services.

False Allegations, Mistakes, and Misconceptions 

Everyone makes mistakes. It is inevitable, even for educators. If you accidentally cause harm to a student or their personal property, you could be held responsible, even though it was not intentional. It is where Professional Liability Insurance comes into play, as it could help you cover the cost of the accident. 

Additionally, false allegations can occur in the workplace, especially as an educator. An argument or fight could happen while a teacher is working on something else, yet they could still be held responsible for not paying proper attention to the students. If you’re an educator, sometimes you cannot stop everything happening in the classroom. Yet educators may still be sued or held responsible for the consequences. 

Get Protection Against Educator Lawsuits 

In recent years, teachers have fallen victim to more and more civil lawsuits. As an educator, you should never assume that just because your class is going well that you’re protected from lawsuits. Each year, teachers are victims of lawsuits that are based on false information, yet their careers never recover.

Purchasing Professional Liability Insurance for teachers will allow you to feel protected in your classroom and focus on your students rather than false allegations that may arise.

Purchase Professional Liability Insurance from National Educational Services

After reading through all the risks you face as an educator that are most likely not covered by your district’s insurance, consider purchasing Professional Liability Insurance for its many benefits. National Educational Services has been assisting teachers for over 35 years and can help you find the right plan for your specific needs. Contact an advisor today by filling out the form below!

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