Best ID Theft Insurance of 2021

Best ID Theft Insurance of 2021

The market for identity theft insurance can be very overwhelming and confusing, especially to those who are not familiar with the concept and industry. It is not something you should put off, because an individual suffers from identity theft every two seconds. 

When searching for an identity theft insurance plan, choose ID Watchdog, because it is the best and most affordable plan on the market. It gives you the most coverage for the most affordable price. Keep reading to learn more about what ID Watchdog can do for you.

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ID Watchdog Platinum Plan Offers Best Value at $7 a month. It Includes:

Below is a summary of the features and benefits of the ID Watchdog Platinum Plan. For a comparison of this ID Watchdog with Experian and LifeLock, click this link here: ID Theft Comparison

Dark Web Monitoring 

With the growing popularity of the dark web on our internet today, monitoring your identity on tor browsers and others is more important than you might think. 

ID Watchdog helps protect you by monitoring your identity on the dark web ensuring you have coverage and protection against high-risk transactions that may take place on the dark web – without you knowing. The process of monitoring your identity protects you from having your identity and financial information from being stolen and sold on websites and dark web chat rooms. 

Three-Bureau Credit Reporting 

Ensuring that your identity theft insurance plan provides three-bureau credit reporting is essential. 

It allows you to have your identity and financial information monitored on all credit reports from the three national reporting agencies. That way, you can rest easy knowing that if a fraudulent account is opened up in your name, you will be finding the fraud faster, as you are receiving information from all three credit bureaus. 

US-Based Customer Care Available 24/7

When you decide to purchase an identity theft insurance premium from ID Watchdog, you are not only getting coverage that helps protect you from identity theft, but you are given the opportunity to speak to a representative in the customer care department 24/7. These representatives ensure that all your questions and concerns about your premium will be answered at any given moment, by either email or phone.

Additionally, if you feel that you have become the next victim of identity theft, these customer care representatives will help you start the process of recovering your identity by assigning you to a highly-skilled certified resolution specialist. This specialist will oversee managing your case and sticking by your side until your entire case is resolved.

How to Buy ID Watchdog from National Public Employee Alliance 

Purchasing an ID Watchdog premium from National Public Employee Alliance does not have to be challenging and intimidating. 

Contact an advisor or representative today to set up a consultation where you will be able to select the plan that is right for you and purchase your premium. 

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