How to Prevent Identity Fraud

How to Prevent Identity Fraud

With many business activities shifting to being conducted online, the issue of identity fraud is becoming a larger concern than ever before. Popular online platforms Google and Facebook can track consumer behavior. Additionally, Congress recently repealed online privacy regulations making individuals fear for their identity privacy online more than ever before.

There are numerous ways to protect your identity while conducting business online.

Listed below are various tips from trusted advisors here at the National Public Employee Alliance

Password Managers Are Your Friend

Passwords are one of the most important defense mechanisms when it comes to your presence online.

There are not only the first but also sometimes the last line of defense between your personal information and hackers. Although the importance of passwords is stressed repeatedly, many business owners do not take passwords seriously. 

To ensure your accounts are protected, you must develop a strong password. Additionally, taking full advantage of a password management system is a great way to create and store unique passwords for all of our online accounts.

Using the same password for each account can be very risky with the many different profiles and accounts that the average business owner has. 

Multi-Factor Authentication 

Many individuals are uncomfortable with the fact that their password is the only defense mechanism standing in the way of hackers and your personal information. If this sounds like you, then you should be using multi-factor authentication for your accounts.

Multi-factor authentication programs may slow down your login process on your various apps, but it provides peace of mind in knowing your personal information is safe. 

Block Spam from Your Inbox

While spam mail may just seem to be an annoyance in the sense that it fills up your inbox with junk, it can also be dangerous.

If you open the wrong email or click a malicious link, you could potentially lose your data or, even worse, your identity. Hackers and identity thieves continue to expand their knowledge, and they have developed many sneaky ways to steal your personal information. 

The best and more effective way to ensure that hackers do not gain access to your information is to block these spam emails from ever reaching your inbox. 

Be Alert and Prepared 

Various forms of technology can help you protect your accounts from fraud and theft. There are a few additional tips that can help make sure your information is safe. Check out the tips listed below. 

  • Be aware of the content you are sharing on social media platforms 
  • Check your bank account and credit cards often 
  • Do not send any personal information via email 
  • Download antivirus software on your computer 
  • Verify the identity of all your customers 
  • Only do business with trusted sites and individuals 

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Due to technological advancements, it is becoming harder than ever before to make sure your information is secure.

Make sure you stay alert and verify all individuals you are conducting business with.

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