Kids and Online Safety: How to Keep Children Safe Online

Kids and Online Safety: How to Keep Children Safe Online

Monitoring your children online can be a task and it is almost impossible to track everything they are doing and seeing online. This can be especially difficult if your children are learning remotely. Making sure your children are safe online comes down to controlling the content they are able to access in addition to connecting with them online. 

National Educational Services is here to provide tips and tricks to ensure you are keeping an eye on your children, while also allowing them to thrive on the internet. 

Inform Your Children About Safety Online 

One of the most important ways to make sure your children are using the internet appropriately is to inform them about online safety. Have them show you their internet surfing habits and then talk to them about what they should do if they were to come across inappropriate content online. Make sure you encourage your children to ask questions if they have any. 

How Can You Keep Your Children Safe?

While you can inform your children all about the dangers of the internet, sometimes they will still reach websites and content on the internet that they should not. Listed below are some great ways you can protect your children while they are on the internet. 

Parental Control Software

Family-friendly parental control software is a great option for keeping your children safe on the internet. Software like OpenDNS gives you the ability to block content from your children’s devices. 

Learn About the Risks 

In order for you to properly educate your children about the dangers of the internet, you also need to be well informed. Make sure you are aware of the risks on the internet and learn tips for how to avoid these risks.

Monitor Activity 

From time to time look through your children’s browser history so that you are able to see what websites they have been visiting. You should also check emails and text messages as well. 

Time Limits 

Setting time limits is also a great idea to ensure that your children are not spending too much time on the internet. You can do this using parental controls on your children’s devices or you may also be able to do this through your internet provider. 

Safety While Learning Remotely 

If your children are attending school remotely, that means that they will be spending many hours each day in front of the computer, unsupervised. Monitoring your children closely during these hours not only ensures that they are completing their schoolwork, but rather they are not wondering on the internet. 

Listed below are some tips to make sure your children are being safe and productive online when it comes to participating in remote learning. 

  • Discuss the importance of privacy 
  • Define the dangers of cyberbullying 

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As discussed throughout the entirety of this article, the internet can be a scary and dangerous place. 

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