Which Identity Theft Insurance is Best?

Which Identity Theft Insurance is Best?

When in the market for an identity theft insurance plan, the process can be very stressful and confusing, as there are many options with many different features, all of which are at various price points. 

While this may be discouraging to many, especially those on the fence about purchasing identity theft insurance, you should know that every two seconds, an identity is stolen by a virtual thief. 

One of the biggest issues that come with identity theft is that victims tend only to discover the problem when they are either denied credit, miss out on job opportunities, are notified by the police, or are addressed bills for items and services they never purchased. 

Look no further than ID Watchdog from National Public Employee Alliance as it is one of the most affordable plans on the market only costing $7 per month for up to $1 million in coverage.

ID Watchdog Offers $1 Million in Coverage for Less than $10 a Month

When you decide that the NPEA ID Watchdog Plan is right for you, you are already making a good decision for yourself and your family. While the policy offers many features, there are four main benefits to the plan. 

  • Monitoring of high-risk transactions and the internet black-market
  • Reimbursement insurance up to $1 million for identity theft-related expenses
  • Proactive monitoring of traditional and non-traditional credit
  • Complete resolution services to restore a stolen identity

ID Watchdog Compared to the Competitors 

The market for identity theft insurance plans is very large. Many companies have plans that come close to ID Watchdog, but do not quite meet all the standards that the National Public Employee Alliance has to offer, for only $7 per month for up to $1 million in coverage.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the key features that ID Watchdog Platinum has to offer that sets it apart from competitors:

Credit Report Lock 

While ID Watchdog offers this feature, competitors such as Experian and Lifelock Ultimate Plus do not. Credit report locking allows you to block access to your credit report, which can prevent credit fraud as well as identity theft. 

Child Credit Lock

ID Watchdog is also the only plan that offers child credit locking. This enables parents to lock their child’s credit to prevent identity theft that may not be found for years. This process can be challenging, but ID Watchdog makes it possible.

Social Network Monitoring 

In a world that is only becoming more active on social media and the internet, social network monitoring is more essential than ever before. Where Experian and Lifelock Ultimate Plus lack, ID Watchdog saves the day offering this service. This protection allows you to feel safe from identity theft via social media. 

Credit Freeze Assistance 

Finally, unlike competitors, ID Watchdog aids if you must complete a credit freeze. This process can be very stressful and challenging to many, so why not let the experts handle it for you with this feature.

ID Watchdog is Here for You and Your Family

To ensure you and your family are protected, look no further in the market for identity theft insurance. National Public Employee Alliance’s ID Watchdog is the most affordable monthly plan for $1 million in coverage. 

Trust NPEA to protect you and your family from becoming the next victims of identity theft. 

NPEA’s ID Watchdog scours numerous databases and transactions to uncover identity theft from all angles. And if you do fall victim to identity theft, their team of US-based Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists are here to help you restore your identity 24/7.

Sign up for ID Watchdog from NPEA today. It will only help you and your family in the long run.

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